Can Jami have a future?

Jami is a messenger software, like Whatsapp, Telegram and many other alternatives.

It's a really good project and it's unique because it's the only fully-distribuited messenger app. I'm not talking of "decentralized" messenger (like Matrix) where there are various servers, but "distribuited" or server-less.

It's like a big P2P network you can also usa on a local network. It's really resilient.

As we know, not every good project succeeds and Jami is a niche software. I really would like to see it on the top of the world :) but now I'm wondering if it will survive.

If you like freedom and server-less services, please use it and spread the word.

I've created a Jami account for this Gemini gemlog, if you want to contact me, you can search for "dantes" in Jami.

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