Gemini is Zion

I'm pretty sure that everybody knows "The Matrix" movie.

Gemini is like Zion.

We don't know who struck first.

Gemini a group of people who run away from the world they were used to live in: the World Wide Web. Many of us are surely first-hour users of the Web. We helped make it what it is now and we were also hit by the commercial-company's bad behaviours.

We probably tried to escape from it and we tried to found all the ways to go back to the beautiful free-web where everybody is free and not tracked or sold.

In a world were everybody is chased by the companies, we tried to defeat them, but we lost. So we dig into the Internet to find a better place to live and people whom we can be friends of.

Like the Zion citizens have created the machines by which they have been subjugated, we are struggling against the toxic WWW and found our Zion: Gemini.

We are here. And we are not afraid.

I've created a Jami account for this Gemini gemlog, if you want to contact me, you can search for "dantes" in Jami.

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